July 18, 2024
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Il Bambin Gesù delle Mani del Pinturicchio

10:00 alle 19:00

Piazza Signorelli 9

da 7€ a 10€

from 13 Apr 2019 to 02 Jun 2019

Fondazione Giordano

Coming from a fresco of the Vatican rooms, now disappeared, and depicting the Madonna and Child with Pope Alexander VI Borgia kneeling in adoration, the famous work painted by Pinturicchio, Il Bambin Gesù delle Mani, returns to breathe the air of his land , thanks to an exhibition to be held in the prestigious Palazzo Casali where the MAEC is located.

The inauguration of the painted was the fulcrum of the Chianina and Syrah event, to witness how Cortona is a perfect mix of history, art and culinary culture.

The exhibition is organized by Fondazione Giordano, with the support of Metamorfosi and with the collaboration of the Comune di Cortona and MAEC.

Poster of Pinturicchio

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