July 18, 2024
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Your event on Cortonaweb

Would you like to promote your event on Cortonaweb? All the major events held in Cortona and nearby that might be of interest to both citizens and tourists are published on this page as long as advertisers provide quality advertising material that meets the website requirements. Please fill in the form here below specifying any relevant suggestions in the “Notes” field and, if necessary, feel free to send us additional material by email.

Rules for publishing on Cortonaweb
  • For better activity planning, event details shall be sent at least 3 weeks before the event date because uploading a file on the website can take up to 10 days (therefore any request for publication of events that will take place less than 20 days before the submission date won’t be processed)
  • event files are uploaded on the calendar of events page free of charge; those wishing to enhance the visibility of an event through slides or banners on the homepage can contact our sales office at contact@cortonaweb.net
  • it won’t be possible to create new categories other than those already on the portal
  •  publication of events shall be at the discretion of the website editors
  • the request for publication won’t be processed in case of unreliable or incomplete information
  • by sending the contact phone numbers for information requests about your event you accept our privacy policy and give your consent to the publication of said numbers on the portal
  • please don’t write full words in capital letters in any of the fields of the advertising form

Event advertising form

Reservation Request

If you want to receive the best offers for your stay in Cortona, please send this form to request availability in the accommodation facilities of Cortonaweb. You will directly receive the best offers of our hotels, B&Bs and farmhouses for the selected period, for information only and without any booking obligation.
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