June 19, 2024
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Suggested Tours

In this short tourist guide of Cortona you will find some sightseeing tours, specifically created to visit the main historical and artistic attractions of the town.

If you are thinking about spending a lovely weekend in Cortona, here you will find some tours throughout the city center, in the upper part of the hill that is called “poggio”, along the city walls and in the surroundings of the Etruscan city.

This guide will lead you to discover the main monuments, churches and squares of one of the most charming cities in Tuscany.

These tours are very interesting from the historical and the artistic points of view, some of which can be easily covered on foot even by children, whereas others are more difficult and need to get about by car.

Buy map and guidebook

Discover the town with the Cortonaweb guidebook

If you have planned a holiday or a weekend in Cortona but you don’t know how to get around or you don’t’ want to miss any of the monuments of the town, here is the solution! Thanks to the map and guidebook of Cortona by Tiphys the town and its surroundings will no longer have secrets. They are a must for years now for both Italian and foreign tourists visiting Cortona and you can easily buy them online.

The pocket-sized guidebook will lead you around the town to visit the main monuments and find the services available, through itineraries, useful tips and ideas to experience the town of Cortona and make the most of your vacation.


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