July 18, 2024
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Demographic and socio-anthropological museums

The Museum of Peasant Culture in Fratticciola

It gathers objects coming for the most part from the association named Il Carro that, together with other materials collected all around the territory, give evidence of poor and epic daily life in the countryside until the 1960s and beyond that time. Work tools, kitchen tools, instruments with almost forgotten names, but also remote scents and flavors that recall our roots and a civilization that is almost unknown to the new generations.



The museum brings farming practices, customs and traditions back to life (through guided visits and the reenactment of old jobs), which still retain the charm of a hard and old relationship connecting people, work and nature.

Visit available upon request.

The “Museo ai Borghi”

This original exhibition is located in the village of Centoia and is the result of a remarkable collection work carried out by the Pelucchini family; established in 1992, it was progressively enlarged with tools and objects that otherwise would have been lost or ruined by time.

The exhibition consists of two sections. The first one, housed in a pavilion of 1,500 sq.m., shows the reconstruction of a farm with its traditional facilities: a kitchen, a bedroom, a cellar, a stable with big white Chianina cows, a herbage, a pigsty with “cinta senese” pigs (at the time in which the scenes are set the current pigs had not arrived yet) and a tool shed.



The second section of the museum leads visitors through typical carts and barrouches of the Arezzo, Siena and Perugia areas to a collection of vintage tractors, threshing machines and many other farming tools; it shows, among others, one of the most important pieces of the collection: the Motomeccanica Balilla, a small tractor of 1929.

The museum has a paid admission and is open from April to September: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 9 a.m. . 12.30 p.m. / 2.30 p.m. – 6 p.m. (from Monday to Friday it can be visited upon reservation); from October to March: Saturdays and Sundays 9 a.m. . 12.30 p.m. / 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. (from Monday to Friday it can be visited upon reservation).

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