June 15, 2024
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XVI Sacred Music Festival

11:00 alle 05:00

Varie Location

Free entry

from 29 Jun 2019 to 07 Jul 2019

Associazione Cortona Cristiana

Associazione Cortona Cristiana

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this year’s theme of Sacred Music Festival of Cortona that is held every year since 2004 and it’s organized by the Cortona Cristiana Association following an ideal of fusion between art, music, culture and religious faith. The goal of the association is to promote and spread the artistic and musical Christian culture in an environment where culture has always blended with faith. No location can be better than Cortona: the Tuscan city boasts the Laudario Cortonese, which presents in particular forty-six laude music, still presented during the various editions of the Festival.

Through various concerts that will be distributed in Cortona, the purpose of the Sacred Music Festival is to rediscover the spirituality lost, through religious melodies. Anyone can actively participate in liturgical singing courses: a way to feel like a leading event in Cortona.

Among the different locations in Cortona that hosted the artistic events during the editions, we find: the evocative Eremo delle Celle, the Church of San Domenico, the Church of San Francesco up to the Duomo. With the participation of prestigious artists and famous art scholars such as Vittorio Sgarbi.

Other local institutions also participate in the organization of the Sacred Music Festival: the Diocese of Arezzo, the Accademia degli Arditi and the Etruscan Academy.


saturday 29 june

21,00 – Church of  S. Domenico

with Antonella Ruggiero
Fausto Caporali organ
and the choir Musicanova
directed by Fabrizio Barchi

sunday 30 june

10,30 – Eremo delle Celle
S. Messa Inaugurale
11,30 – Eremo delle Celle
Inaugurazione Mostra Fotografica

The years of the 2004-2019 Festival
in memory of Vito Garzi

21,00 – Theater Signorelli
da Bach a Ellington

with Enrico Pieranunzi piano
Simona Severini voice

monday 1 july

21,00 – Church of S. Filippo
La Voce del Sacro

with Eleonora Contucci soprano
Antonio Di Marco organ

tuesday 2 july

21,00 – Santa Margherita
Hail Holy Queen

with The Color Gospel Choir

wednesday 3 july

21,00 – Church of S. Maria Nuova
Stabat Mater

with Daniele Di Bonaventura
Armoniosoincanto choir
Director Franco Radicchia

thursday 4 july

21,00 – Cathedral
Gloria di Antonio Vivaldi

for soloists and choir
International Young Artists Project
Director Pawel Gorajsk

friday 5 july

21,00 – Church of S. Domenico

Sacred oratory for narrator only
Choir and Ensemble Fideles et Amati
Director Tina Vasaturo

saturday 6 july

Holy Night


18,00 – Monastery Santa Chiara
21,00 – Church of S. Domenico
Salve, Mater Misericordiae

with Choir of the Diocese of Rome
Fideles et Amati Orchestra
Director Marco Frisina

23,30 – Town Square
Eterno Tour Acoustic

with Giovanni Caccamo

02,00 – Eremo delle Celle

“He overthrew the Powerful from the Thrones has raised the Humble”

Ore 05,00 – Eremo delle Celle
Stabant Matres

with Deborah De Blasi
Ensemble Concentus

sunday 7 july

11,00 – Cathedral
S. Messa Conclusiva

chaired by
SELF. Mons. Riccardo Fontana
Archbishop of the Diocese of Arezzo Cortona and Sansepolcro
animated by the Choir of the Diocese of Rome


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