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The White Night of Cortona

from 18:30 to 00:30

Hystoric Centre

free entry

10 Aug 2019

Associazione Culturale Mammut

Cortona Jazz

Back to Jazz night in Cortona!

On Saturday 10th August 2019 at 6pm Cortona hosts its 3rd white night, as well as the night of San Lorenzo.
National Jazz performers, improvisation, electronica and sound design. Including of course traditional local cuisine and wine, MAEC museum at a discounted rate, shopping and much much more!

Music program details:

Starting at Via Nazionale at 6 pm, with Los Adequine de Spartaco, street theatre, dance and recitals and Latin American dance rhythms.
At 7 pm our smallest artists – Bitini, Presentini, Bianchi accompanied by Italian American from Boston singer Lisa Fantini.

At Tigelleria Giù da Scara e Beo in vicolo Fierli at 7:30 pm the duo of Amedeo Vernisni e Francesco Paconesi on double bass and sax.

Like in 2018 we offer exceptional street food from Via Dardano beginning 7:30 pm until late.
Other jazz specialties include URIBE, duet from Perugia, with Roberto Gatti on percussion, Manuel Magrini on piano and special guest Mirko Rubegna on the trumpet.

At 8 pm in Piazza Pescheria, with a special view of city squadre perform special by drummer Dario Pagani from Cortona with Michele Bondensan and Andrea “Atreio” Marcucci

At 9 pm a young quartet composed of Fioretti, Petracca, Bonti, Crespi play in piazza signorelli and than to Scara & Beo’s second set in Via San Sebastiano/Vicolo Fierli /Veniti/ Coppi at 10 pm with their innovative music.

At 10:30 pm in Piazza Repubblica Gianni Denitto performs his eclectic saxophone and the evening coludes at 11:30 pm with FILOQ’s digital beats.

Join us for a delightful and memorable evening in Cortona!

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