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Cortona On The Move 2019

10:00 alle 20:00

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from 11 Jul 2019 to 29 Sep 2019

Associazione Culturale On The Move

Ass. Cul. On The Move

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The edition of Cortona On The Move 2019 continues the intention of the festival to be a space for reflection and visual narration of the world in which we find ourselves. This year’s theme focuses on the relationship between humans and the landscape. Nature and the environment are key words today. Landscape and nature are an integral part of human history. They talk about us, what we want, and for better or for worse, the environment that surrounds us reflects our thinking and our actions.
In this edition, through contemporary documentary photography, and under the artistic direction of Arianna Rinaldo, we will see works that show the relationship of today’s human being with the surrounding circumstances. A complex connection, which raises questions about our past, present and future.
We will talk through images of a platonic love between man and a nature that is often wounded by him.

Le mostre di Cortona On The Move 2019

Gideon Mendel: Drowing World

Ex magazzino delle carni

Drowning World explores the phenomenon of flooding through photography and video. Since 2007 the artist has made more than 19 trips to tell this catastrophic phenomenon that surpasses any geographical, cultural and economic conflict. Its purpose is to give real meaning to the existence of the human being.

Simone Norfolk: Crime Scenes

Fortezza del Girifalco

For the first time, three Simon Norfolk’S projects are presented together in a thematic exhibition with a provocative title. Norfolk’s work has always been focused on landscape, time and all the human actions that leave traces on the territory. Moreover, the serious ecological question has also recently been added. All this brought together in our suggestive fortress with the attempt to create a reflective space on the influence that man has on the earth.

Paolo Verzone: Artic Zero

Fortezza del Girifalco

It shows what Verzone has documented in recent years, in one of the most northerly communities in the world, Ny-Ålesund. This place in the Arctic is also a center for international research and environmental monitoring.

Paesaggio umano: L’Italia del ‘900

Fortezza del Girifalco

Curated by: Arianna Rinaldo
Iconographic research: Maura Dettoni
Scientific supervision: Barbara Costa
A selection of images that reveal the relationship between citizens and the landscape through various cultural and non-cultural events, taken from the Intesa Sanpaolo Historical Archive.
Italy seen through its own landscape, with a vision that wants to shed light on the continuous interaction with the territory that also preserves the historical memory of our country.

Marco Rigamonti: La strada blu. 7458 km di coste italiane

Fortezza del Girifalco

Moments of the daily relationship of the Italians with the sea are portrayed, interpreting their connection with the coast. Some small details remind us of the natural and historical beauties of Italy, but also document the lack of respect for them.

Ryan Walker: Voices from the Wilderness

Fortezza del Girifalco

Tale of a small island in the Salish Sea, where the few inhabitants remain estranged from the present world. Comparable to an utopia of escape from this planet stressed by evolution itself. We will see how the residents are connected but at the same time isolated from all the clichés that represent us.

Claudius Schulze:Commissionato 2019 per Aboca

Fortezza del Girifalco

The approach of the german photographer is at the forefront, but with an eye to tradition. On the one hand, he wants to classify the wealth of medicinal plants, on the other he wants to create an idea of ​​a new landscape. The aim is to “quantify reality” objectively in a place where nature is respected and accompanied during its spontaneous development.

Diana Markosian: Santa Barbara

Palazzo Capannelli

A documentary and conceptual photograph, inspired by the Santa Barbara soap opera, the artist talks about her mother who was a correspondence wife, she decided to write an aritcle where she was looking for an American man to embrace true love. A lot of men answered, and one of them was from Santa Barbara.

Nadia Bseiso: Infertile Crescent

Palazzo Capannelli

It describes how the Middle East, has transformed itself from an area full of fertility to a now-extinct placethrough, through many geopolitical changes. A still incomplete photographic project that will be divided into four chapters.

Andrea Botto: The Explosion of Landscape: Blasting Practices

Palazzo Capannelli

He tells how the various civil explosions in Italy, in Europe and in the world, have changed the way we look to the future, and his photographs speak above all of how behind there, have always been detailed plans to demolish and recreate true architectures and landscapes.

Yan Wang Preston: Forest

Palazzo Capannelli

For this project the artist spents eight years investigating the policy of replenishing forests and the natural environment in new Chinese cities. He started this project in Chongqing. Then he continued the project in Haidong, where he captured the colorful landscapes of ecological recovery.

Yaakov Israel: The Legitimacy of Landscape

Palazzo Capannelli

The project opens windows on places, people and their stories in Israel. His photographs are confronted with a forced and obstinate invisibility, which concerns above all the inhabitants, deliberately erased in order to question the truths received about who lives in this place.

Hahn+Hartung: The Beauty and the Beast

Palazzo Capannelli

A photographic duo that describes an Indonesia that lives by its own environmental catastrophes: the residents live at the foot of the volcanoes because the soil is particularly fertile thanks to volcanic ash.

Ada Trillo: La Caravana

Palazzo Capannelli

She talks about her trip to Mexico with migrants who were headed to the United States, because they wanted to escape from crime. The caravan is not just a much debated political issue, it’s above all a humanitarian crisis that involves over 7 thousand people.

Lara Shipley: Passersby

Palazzo Capannelli

A vast desert that crosses the border between Mexico and the United States, where people continue to pass. This project follows many old and new paths, turning the desert into a stage to reflect on the issue of migration.

Hashem Shakeri: An Elegy for the Death of Human

Palazzo Capannelli

He tells how the province of Sistan and Balucistan, from extraordinary agricultural resources, have become barren deserts, due to climate change and drought, and how this has also led to the migration of the inhabitants.

Nanna Heitmann: Hiding from Baba Yaga

Palazzo Capannelli

Photographs that show enchanted and metaphorically distant places from the rest of the world, almost utopian. Where people go to escape from worldliness and routine. A place of inner peace and mental isolation.

Beatriz Polo Ianez: L’illa

Palazzo Capannelli

That is “the island”, is a photographic project composed of snapshots depicting people who live on an island and reflects on the lack of communication, the departure, the separation, developing in a familiar and geographical environment.

Marina Caneve: Are They Rocks or Clouds?

Palazzo Cinaglia

It is a territorial survey that was born in the Dolomites, where, moving away from the undisputed charm of the mountain, the author tends to observe the territory with lucidity, seeking the possibility of risk for the inhabitants of those places where a catastrophe is supposed to happen.

Baci from Cortona: 50 anni di Università della Georgia Cortona

Giardini del parterre

Baci from Cortona: 50 years of the University of Georgia Cortona
The meeting between the residents of our place and the students of the University of Georgia Studies Abroad program, has been held in Cortona for fifty years. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the “Baci from Cortona” project showcases photographs that tell the story of two cultures that have intertwined and enriched each other for fifty years, leaving a profound sign in the life of those who lived this experience.


ARENA – Video And Beyond

edited by Liza Faktor

A recurring program at the Cortona On The Move festival that explores the intersection between photography, film and other media. Since 2018 the purpose of ARENA is to promote projects created by photographers, film-makers and visual artists for a European and international audience, concerning complex social issues.

During this world-wide event, it is considered necessary to explore the multiple forms of photography, following the evolution of the visual language. The intent of #cotm is to look at photography in a context of conversation with cinema, sound, etc.

ARENA wants to emphasize that transmediale storytelling is not a completely new phenomenon: I can show images in an alternative and contemporary way through the use of classical and antiquated technologies, and where to combine at best an innovative narrative and classic Italian culture if not in a historical place and theatrical like Cortona ?!

This year, in response to the theme of the festival, the program proposed by ARENA explores the memories, but also the traumas inflicted by historical events and industrial interventions, and the impact that these events had on the inhabitants and the territory. The projects on show reflect on our connection with the territory and how we live the feelings of belonging to a place: we humans are connected with the landscape regardless of how we influence nature and the environment. And this connection often causes events that occur in certain places.

You will discover the various exhibitions of the Arena on the site of Cortona on the Move, section Exhibitions -> Arena

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