June 15, 2024
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Cortona On The Move 2022

from 10:00 to 20:00

Various locations
Cortona and Camucia

from 8€ to 18€

from 14 Jul 2022 to 02 Oct 2022

Associazione Culturale On The Move

Ass. Cul. On The Move

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“Me, myself and eye”: the intimate relationship between photography, society and identity is the core of Cortona on the Move

The 2022 edition of Cortona On The Move reflects on authorship, points of view and legitimacy.

From 14 July to 2 October 2022, the international festival of photography Cortona On The Move opens its doors to the public with dozens of exhibitions spread across the town’ historical centre, the Medici Fortress of Girifalco and the new location “Station C” in Camucia, a hamlet of the municipality of Cortona.

Photography is now more present than ever, raised to the status of universal language, pervasively produced, shared and consumed. Through its exhibitions, the festival reflects on authorship, point of view and legitimacy, on how subject and object intersect, clash and end up coexisting. Observing these dynamics, it questions photography as a means of expression and sharing.


What exactly happens when we photograph? Is photography a weapon or an illuminating beacon? Who has the right to photograph what? Is the consent of the subject being photographed compulsory? Are we still photographing windows or are we just lost in a giant hall of mirrors, looking at ourselves endlessly? These are questions that have been debated for decades and are intrinsic to the nature of the medium. However, they have recently re-emerged with new vigour driven by the identity battle that has engulfed us. The realisation that there is an urgent need to reconsider how ethnicity, gender and class are represented is disrupting old unwritten rules and writing new ones.

Jacob HoldtAmerican Pictures – I just do things a cura di Lars Lindemann e Paolo Woods
Enoch Boateng (Focus and Blur); Sam ed Ekta; Thomas Sauvin; Oreste e Ivana Pipolo; Manal Alhumeed; Valerie Baeriswyl; Lindsay Ladd; Juan de la Cruz Megías Mondéjar; Massimo Stefanutti, mostra collettiva I Do (Sì, lo voglio)
Jojakim Cortis e Adrian SondereggerIcons
Stacy KranitzAs it was Give(n) to Me
Gregory HalpernLet the Sun Beheaded Be
Walter NiedermayrTransformations / Il dialogo tra il self e il luogo in partnership con Intesa Sanpaolo
Martin Parr & The Anonymous Project – Déjà View. A Conversation in Colour
Izaak Theo Adu-WattsNo Ordinary Love
Martina BacigalupoGulu Real Art Studio
Jan BanningThe Sweating Subject
Alessandro CinqueSer y aparecer
Alexander ChekmenevPassport
Jah-NitaRide, Set, Match
Carlo RainoneLa foto con Dios
Niccolò RastrelliCovid-19 Face Wear
Nicolas RighettiThe Dictatorship of Image
Christian LutzCitizens
Lucas FogliaConstant Bloom (progetto in corso) in partnership con Autolinee Toscane


Cortona On The Move AlUla

Hussain AlsumayenWrinkles
Huda BeydounA Disparate Familiar
Martin Kollár – Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
Hayat OsamahFast – Paced
Eleonora Paciullo – أل مرأة ’ (Almar’a)
Awoiska van der MolenUnder Land
Jessica AuerThe Falcon’s Garden in collaborazione con Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie


Storie di Umanità. Fotografi per Medici senza Frontiere

Yarin Trotta del VecchioShifting Sands. L’oblio dei migranti del Sahara
Filippo TaddeiNel mare ci sono coccodrilli
Giuliano Lo ReRIP: Rest In Pieces


Premio Ponchielli in collaborazione con GRIN

Gabriele GalimbertiThe Ameriguns (vincitore edizione 2021) a cura di Renata Ferri
Nicolò Filippo RossoExodus (vincitore edizione 2022) a cura di Roberta Levi

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