April 14, 2024
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Cortona On The Move 2021

from 10:00 to 20:00

Various locations

from 6€ to 10€

from 15 Jul 2021 to 03 Oct 2021

Associazione Culturale On The Move

Ass. Cul. On The Move

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From 15 July to 3 October, Cortona On The Move 2021 is back, an edition entirely dedicated to man, what he tried and feels after the global upheaval due to Covid19. Stories will be told that speak of the human essence, of our existence, of what it was for all of us to lose and regain physical contact with the people most dear to us. Stories will be treated in which the human being is the protagonist, in his daily life, with his emotions and values, his genius and defects. Let’s re-evaluate the extraordinary nature of things that were previously ordinary for us, almost banal … a hug, a smile, a “How are you?” asked sincerely. We look nostalgically at a world that was there, but with the hope of a planet richer in love and passion for all those things that the pandemic has taken away from us for more than a year. A world full of future prospects, courage and strength! Without ever forgetting that our actions are part of a great global mechanism, a game of causes and effects, a network of inevitable connections. For better or for worse.

The exhibitions ofCortona On The Move 2021

Paolo Pellegrin – L’Altro

Fortezza del Girifalco

L’Altro is a developed work that reflects on the effects of the new coronavirus and social distancing.
Paolo Pellegrin, is an Italian photojournalist known worldwide. Since 2005 he has been a member of the Magnum Photos agency.

Alec Soth – I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating

Fortezza del Girifalco

Alec Soth’s latest work is a poetic exploration of the limits of photographic representation and shows a new approach by the Magnum photographer to the subjects portrayed. The images, shot in color and in large format, were taken all over the world, but do not concern any particular place or population.
Alec Soth, is a photographer who lives in Minneapolis (USA), and is a member of the Magnum Photos agency. He has published over twenty-five books.

Aleksi Poutanen – Fellow Creatures

Fortezza del Girifalco

Finns have a special relationship with nature and people accustomed to sharing their daily life with domestic and wild animals have kept a special relationship with their “friends”. This series shows the unique form of coexistence that occurs in Finland between humans and animals.
Aleksi Poutanen, is a commercial and documentary photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. In his works she has a playful and surprising approach.

Archivio Publifoto Intesa Sanpaolo – Come saremo. L’Italia che ricostruisce

Fortezza del Girifalco

Curated by Arianna Rinaldo
Scientific supervision: Barbara Costa
Iconographic research: Maura Dettoni with Serena Berno and Silvia Cerri

Come saremo – L’Italia che ricostruisce offers a selection of photographs from the Intesa Sanpaolo Publifoto Archive edited by Arianna Rinaldo, artistic director of the festival, under the scientific supervision of Barbara Costa, head of the Intesa Sanpaolo Historical Archive. A dialogue in images that tells the rebirth of Italy after World War II, suggesting a parallelism with the post-pandemic situation we live today. A tale of optimism and hope.

Catherine Panebianco – No Memory Is Ever Alone

Fortezza del Girifalco

No Memory Is Ever Alone is a project that reflects on family memory and the concept of ‘home’. Catherine Panebianco superimposes the slides taken by her father with current photographs. With this gesture, the photographer establishes a connection between her family’s past and her present, thus creating a place within a place, a memory within a memory.
Catherine Panebianco, is an artist living in Jamestown, NY. With her work he captures memories and searches for the spirits of those we love.

Deanna Dikeman – Leaving and Waving

Fortezza del Girifalco

The Leaving and Waving series is about family, aging and the pain of saying goodbye. For twenty-seven years Deanna took pictures while she greeted her parents before setting off again. Since 1991, she has continued to do so on every departure.
Deanna Dikeman, is an American photographer.

Francesca Todde – A Sensitive Education

Fortezza del Girifalco

This project, carried out between 2017 and 2019 in France, explores the possibilities of empathy between different natural species through the figure of the bird educator Tristan Plot.
Francesca Todde, photographer and editor. She is co-founder of the publishing house Départ Pour l ‘Image.

Jon Henry – Stranger Fruit

Giardini del Parterre

Stranger Fruit is a series created in response to the senseless murders of black men in the United States due to police violence. Jon symbolically photographs mothers and children in their environment, like modern “Pietà”, reconstructing the condition in which we live by enduring this pain every day.
Jon Henry, is a visual artist. With photographs of him she reflects on trauma and healing in the African American community.

Alessandra Sanguinetti – An Everlasting Summer – The Adventures of Guille and Belinda

Palazzo Baldelli

Alessandra Sanguinetti spent the summers of her childhood on her father’s farm outside Buenos Aires in the countryside. On these trips she met Juana. In the following years she has been constantly visiting her. Among her visitors were her young nieces, Belinda and Guillermina, who later became the protagonists in her images.
Alessandra Sanguinetti, is a photographer who grew up in Argentina. You live in San Francisco (CA) and explore the themes of memory and psychological transitions.

Andrea Mastrovito – NYsferatu – Symphony of a Century

Palazzo Baldelli

NYsferatu is a rotoscope recreation of Nosferatu, a 1922 historical film by Friedrich W. Murnau, itself an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In Andrea Mastrovito’s version, each background scene has been entirely redesigned to set the film in today’s New York City and Syria. The project challenges the classic interpretation of the vampire, seen here as the prototype of the outsider, while facing the many obstacles encountered by immigrants who often escape war and difficulties at home to face other challenges in the new country.
Produced by More Art.
Andrea Mastrovito, artist, director and author of books. His path focuses on drawing, alternating studio work with installation and performance interventions.

Aurore Dal Mas – I Am Not Seen

Palazzo Baldelli

Il film I Am Not Seen by Aurore Dal Mas tackles the question of the dehumanization and dematerialization of the world through the editing of a series of surveillance videos acquired online. When our need for protection and fear of death goes hand in hand with that of humanity, there is only a disturbing world traversed by a virtual voice whose thoughts are expressed with poetic subtitles.
Aurore Dal Mas, explores relationships and physicality through photography, video, installations and writing.

Catherine Leutenegger – New Artificiality / 3D Bioprinting

Palazzo Baldelli

Catherine Leutenegger’s project explores the potential of bioprinting and 3D printing applied to science and medicine. This technology could be used to create functioning human organs within a few decades. Leutenegger offers a point of view on some applications of use, putting us in front of the dilemma of how human beings will conceive themselves when the parts of the body can be 3D printed with ease and practicality.
Catherine Leutenegger, is a visual artist and photographer who explores digital technology and the materialization of the virtual world, even with unconventional tools.

Federico Estol – Shine Heroes

Palazzo Baldelli

Three thousand shoeshineers cross the streets of La Paz and El Alto (Bolivia) every day, looking for customers. What characterizes this “tribe” is the use of balaclavas used to avoid being recognized and discriminated against. Nobody knows they work as a shoe shine and this anonymity makes them stronger.
Federico Estol, is an Uruguayan photographer, artistic director of the San José Foto festival.

Gabo Caruso – Cora’s Courage

Palazzo Baldelli

“When I grow up I want to be a girl,” Cora told her mother one night in 2014, before falling asleep. When I first met her, Cora was seven years old and had completed her social transition two autumns before her. Gabo Caruso’s work offers a positive and intimate look and aims to tell the lesser known experiences of childhood.
Gabo Caruso, a photojournalist and visual communicator, is interested in feminist and gender issues.

Giovane Fotografia Italiana #08 – Reconstruction

Palazzo Baldelli

Domenico Camarda, Alisa Martynova, Irene Fenara, Francesca Pili, Vaste Program, Martina Zanin, Elena Zottola
Curated by Ilaria Campioli and Daniele De Luigi

Now in its eighth edition, Giovane Fotografia Italiana is a project dedicated to the discovery and enhancement of the best emerging talents of contemporary photography in Italy. Reconstruction explores the ways in which artists can combine photography and imagination to attempt a more authentic understanding of reality by breaking down and recomposing information and knowledge.

GUARDARE OLTRE – MSF & MAGNUM – 50 anni sul campo, tra azione e testimonianza

Palazzo Baldelli

For 50 years, the teams of Doctors Without Borders and Magnum photographers have met in the same scenarios – war zones, humanitarian crises, emergencies – narrating them with words and photography, always following the same principles of ethics and independence. This collaboration gave birth to both a narrative and a visual project, with the aim of telling stories of humanity on the occasion of MSF’s 50th anniversary.

Hannah Reyes Morales – Living Lullabies

Palazzo Baldelli

Living Lullabies sheds light on the role of lullabies and the critical issues faced by women and children through the multidisciplinary narrative of family nighttime rituals.
Hannah Reyes Morales, is a photographer whose work documents the tenderness put into practice during adversity.

Jo Ann Chaus – Conversations with Myself

Palazzo Baldelli

Conversations with Myself is a diary project that celebrates the joys and pathos of life, in all its moods. Jo Ann Chaus’ goal is to create a work that reflects the phases of her life and the various roles adopted as a woman, and is focused on trying to understand herself in relation to the people and situations that surround her.
Jo Ann Chaus, is an American photographer, lives in New York.

Jonathan Torgovnik – Disclosure – Rwandan Children Born of Rape

Palazzo Baldelli

What does it mean to be born as a result of a rape perpetrated during a genocide? And how do mothers who survived the violence they endured face their fate?
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the genocide (2019), Torgovnik returned to Rwanda to photograph some of the families he had met twelve years earlier while working on a project on women raped as an instrument of war.
Jonathan Torgovnik, is a photographer, Emmy Award-nominated director and educator.

Laurence Rasti – There Are No Homosexuals in Iran

Palazzo Baldelli

On September 24, 2007 at New York’s Columbia University, former Iranian President Aḥmadinežād said: “There are no homosexuals in Iran like in the United States”. Homosexuality is still punished with the death penalty in Iran, so the only solution for homosexuals is to flee. Laurence Rasti questions the concept of gender identity and tries to give the fugitives back the face that Iran has stolen from them.
Laurence Rasti, was born in Switzerland to Iranian parents. With her photographs he explores the concepts of gender identity and beauty.

Marco Garofalo – Energy Portraits

Palazzo Baldelli

In 2015, ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy sources became one of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030: SDG number 7 of the 2030 Agenda. Energy portraits portrays significant places where the global challenge of access to energy is underway.
Marco Garofalo, a photojournalist, works on social and cultural issues, mainly in the city of Milan and throughout Africa.

Stephanie Gengotti – Circus Love – The Magical Life of Europe’s Family Circuses

Palazzo Baldelli

Happiness ONTHEMOVE 2019 winner

Circus Love is a long-term project on the ‘nouveau cirque’, also known as the contemporary circus, started in 2016 and in which the author tells the story and daily life of six circus families. It is a joyful but powerful scream of rebellion to reaffirm the human dimension, to highlight the priority needs to recover the sense of sharing, of family and the need to rediscover the relationship with Nature.
Stephanie Gengotti, is an Italian-French photographer living in Rome.

Tim Franco – Unperson – Portraits of North Korean Defectors

Palazzo Baldelli

The people Tim Franco chose to photograph have disappeared from their Orwellian world: North Korea, for ideological reasons and often out of desperation. Escape follows different paths and the road to South Korea is dangerous. Once at your destination, adapting to a new society and a new life is often difficult.
Tim Franco, is a Franco-Polish photographer. In 2016 he moved to South Korea and began working on a long-term project on North Korean defectors.

Tomaso Clavarino – Padanistan

Palazzo Baldelli

In the last thirty years, in Italy, the term “Padania” has become part of everyday life. It refers to an area of Northern Italy that extends from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. It is a territory that exists in the ideas of many, but which geographically, culturally and juridically remains indefinite. Padanistan is a project that investigates the identity of this “non-place”.
Tomaso Clavarino, is a photographer and director whose works are published by the main international magazines; at the same time he carries out many personal projects.

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