City Guide and Map of Cortona

If you have planned a holiday or a week-end in Cortona and you don't know what to do or you don't want to miss any sights of the town, don’t worry! Thanks to the city map and travel guide of Cortona made by Tiphys the town and its surroundings won't be a secret any more. They have been published in May 2012 and are already a must for Italian and foreign tourists visiting Cortona.

Cortona City Map, Cortona Town Guide

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A brand new map with interactive links

Cortona City Map, front Cortona City Map, back

The new city map of Cortona, made under the patronage of the Comune di Cortona, has a brand new layout and design of the town and includes GPS coordinates to easily reach the points of interest in the surroundings and QR Codes to access video guides from any smart phone or tablet (also available on the i-Tunes channel of Cortonaweb). That's really something new!

The QR Codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can be read by any mobile phone with camera and a simple software to decode them. Once they are encoded, they allow the access to the video guides of Cortonaweb. So, for instance, if you are on piazza della Repubblica you can easily have access to information about the town hall and the other buildings of the square simply by pointing the map with your phone camera.

Discover the town with the Cortonaweb guide

Cortona Town Guide

A handy city guide with monuments, facilities, itineraries, tips, ideas to see and know the town of Cortona in its entirety.

Here are some ideas to discover the town in a different and authentic way by strolling around the narrow streets. There's something for everyone and for every need! The places not to be missed, an excellent selection of restaurants, shops, tourist activities and hotels with all the addresses and practical tips, good ideas and recommendations to live the town as better as you can.

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