May 23, 2024
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Sacred Music Festival

The Sacred Music Festival in Cortona has taken place every year since 2004 in July and is organized by the Associazione Cortona Cristiana following the idea of mixing arts, music, culture and religious faith.

The Associazione Cortona Cristiana wants to promote and spread Christian artistic and music culture in a place where culture has always been mixed with faith. Within the city walls of Cortona there are seventeen churches, which show the deep-rooted presence of religious faith. We cannot forget to mention that the famous “Laudario Cortonese” was written in Cortona in the 13th century. It is a handwritten collection of laude and religious poems, the oldest book of its kind preserved in the world (today displayed in the Municipal Library of Cortona). In particular, it contains forty-six laude set to music, which have been often sung during the different editions of the Sacred Music Festival.

The members of the Associazione Cortona Cristiana make every effort to organize these events in order to enhance the artistic valorization, production and circulation of sacred works. Even for those who are not practicing Catholics or those who believe in a different religion, the Sacred Music Festival represents a moment of high spirituality and innerness to elevate one’s dignity by listening to good sacred, liturgical and religious music. Choir concerts and chamber orchestras, organ concerts and Gregorian chants alternate with religious theatrical performances, with conferences and photo exhibitions. Special events are also planned during the festival, such as liturgical chants classes, specific courses to learn the techniques and melodies of Gregorian chants and moments of pray in the monasteries of the town.

On the background of these events we see some of the most prestigious and beautiful churches of Cortona, like the Church of San Domenico, the Basilica of Santa Margherita, the Church of San Francesco, the Cathedral and the Hermitage Le Celle.

The Sacred Music Festival of Cortona is organized in collaboration with the Accademia degli Arditi, the Etruscan Academy, the Associazione per il recupero e la valorizzazione degli organi storici (Association for the restoration and valorization of historical organs) under the patronage of the Banca Popolare di Cortona, the Comune di Cortona and the Diocese of Arezzo – Cortona – Sansepolcro.

For further information about the calendar of events and about how to contact the Associazione Cortona Cristiana, please look up the website

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