June 15, 2024
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CortonAntiquaria 62° Edition

From 24 August to 8 September 2024, the sixty-second edition of Cortonantiquaria, the exhibition that takes us back in time […]

Cortona Comics 2024

Cortona Comics Came back for its second edition. An event dedicated to comics which will take place from 25 May […]

CortonAntiquaria 61° Edition

An event of great value for the Italian antiques market. The exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Cortona with […]

Cortona On The Move 2022

“Me, myself and eye”: the intimate relationship between photography, society and identity is the core of Cortona on the Move […]

Del Barocco Ingegno

Del Barocco Ingegno PIETRO DA CORTONA e i disegni di architettura del ‘600 e ‘700 della collezione Gnerucci   Dal […]

Cortona On The Move 2021

COTM 2021: WE ARE HUMANS From 15 July to 3 October, Cortona On The Move 2021 is back, an edition […]

Cortona il Natale nel Cuore

Cortona turns on the Christmas lights bringing a little joy and lightheartedness to this heavy moment for everyone. From December […]

Transcendence Exhibition

Saturday 12 September 2020 at 4:30 pm, at Palazzo Casali, the inauguration of the Transcendence Exhibition by Marta Perugini will […]

58° edition of CortonAntiquaria

The 58th edition of Cortona Antiquaria is back: the first artistic event in post-Covid Tuscany. For art collecting lovers, from […]

Cortona On The Move 2020

EDIZIONE SPECIALE – The COVID-19 visual project. A time of distance. Dall’11 luglio al 27 settembre, dal venerdì alla domenica, […]

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