Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese

Piazzale Europa 5

Cortona (AR)

Tel. +39 0575 631112

Cell. +39 335 6146796


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“We have a wide selection of properties in Cortona area: residentiae complex, villas, farmhouses in great settings.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you are looking further afield (Castiglion del Lago, Montepulciano, Lucignano, Sansepolcro) we would be more than happy to do you a personalised search. We have an excellent working relationship with a number of other agencies. Just email us your requirements and we’ll start asking around.

The agency (Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese / Cortona Real Estate) was set up in 1997 - in recent years, our solid reputation for sincerity and transparency, led many foreigners to our doors. In order to serve them well, we joined forces with HelpWorksItalia to promote a global, high quality assistance in English.

Cortona Real Estate takes great pride in the generous comments, made by past clients, attesting to our competence and sense of responsibility towards them ( ).

In fact, unlike many agencies, Cortona Real Estate works together with its vendors to try and ensure properties conform to all regulations BEFORE they are advertised.

Checks are carried out by a registered surveyor who cross references the actual state of the property (as seen and measured) with all documents deposited at the Land and Building registry and those deposited in the local town hall.

This tends to avoid nasty surprises at a later date.

Cortona Real Estate also collates all relevant documentation for calculating eventual purchasing taxes and fees, annual council taxes and even annual overheads for the individual properties.

We like to be certain, that as a buyer, you have all necessary information to hand before making a final commitment.

We believe our strength lies in our meticulousness to detail. We leave nothing to chance.

Cortona Real Estate knows that buying or selling a property in a foreign country can be daunting. For this reason, we look after our clients through each step of the purchasing (and selling) process.

As part of the comprehensive assistance we provide all purchasers, we also:

- transfer utilities / opens bank accounts / sort out payment of annual taxes / can organise direct debits and/or payment through a client dedicated bank account.

- We can also be of help with regard to long term property management / small and large maintenance jobs / building works and complete renovations.

Basically, we are always available. If we can help, we are happy to do so. We will never just abandon you!

The agency is registered on the Chamber of Commerce in Arezzo and enrolled in Fiaip (Federazione Italiana Agenzti Immobiliari Professionali) since 1997”

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