Videos and films of Cortona

A collection of films and videos divided by author or subject telling slices of life in Cortona. Events, history, monuments shot by professionals and amateurs.

All the films you can find on these pages are published with the author’s consent, are protected by copyright and royalties belong exclusively to the author of the shooting. Appropriation and unauthorized use are considered as infringement of royalties and will be punished in accordance with the law in force.

  • Video Podcast

    Cortonaweb puts in service of tourism promotion the latest new technologies. Either your Smartphone or your mp4 player can bring you through every corner of Cortona, if you upload the podcasts of Cortonaweb. All the videos are at your disposal free of charge on iTunes Store and will be your personal guide whenever you want.

    Video Podcast
  • The genius of a place

    THE GENIUS OF A PLACE è un lungometraggio ancora in produzione che racconta la storia di una comunità diventata improvvisamente popolare come meta turistica. Questo film pone Cortona come protagonista e mostra i suoi residenti mentre scoprono in tempo reale quanto sia complesso inseguire lo sviluppo economico prestando dovuta attenzione anche alla conservazione del genius loci del loro amato luogo.

    The genious of a place