Shopping in Cortona: A guide for shopping and services

Shops within the historic centre of Cortona

The historic centre of Cortona is full of shops and boutiques of any kind: wine and food, souvenirs, jewels, fancy goods, artworks, garments and much more. All the shops are usually open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm, but during the summertime some of them are open all day and even on Sundays.

The best shops recommended by Cortonaweb

Businesses by product category

Cortonaweb provides you with information about businesses in Cortona divided by product category, which can be easily consulted to quickly find what you are looking for.

You will find useful addresses, phone and fax numbers and websites of all businesses divided by product category.  All the information about shops, crafts companies, service companies, real estate and tourist companies, public places, professional offices, producers and wholesale dealers will be close at hand in a click.

If you are looking for a construction company in Cortona, if you want to find a beauty salon near the city or if you need an auto repair shop, Cortonaweb will help you to find what you are looking for.

  • Antiques and Crafts

    Antique and restoration shops, local crafts shops like earthenware of Cortona and Tuscan fabrics

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  • Arts

    Art and sculpture galleries and local artists, sculptors and painters with workshops in Cortona and surroundings

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  • Cars and Motorbikes

    Car and motorbike dealers for sale and rent, car repair and body repair shops in Cortona

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  • Electronics and Photography

    Household appliances, information technology and GPS, phone, photography, digital graphic shops

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  • Flowers and Plants

    Flower sellers and garden centers for flower arrangements, artificial flowers bouquets, garden design

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  • Furnishings and Joinery

    Modern and classical interior design shops and joineries for tailor made furniture in Cortona

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  • Garments and Footwear

    Garments, accessories and footwear shops, tailor made suits, casual garments, designer outlets

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  • Gastronomy and Wines

    Grocer’s, gastronomy and typical products shops selling cold cuts, cheese, preserves, wine and olive oil

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  • Health and Beauty

    Beauty salons, healthcare items retailers, perfume shops, herbalist’s, chemist’s, medical practices

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  • Jewels and Watches

    Jeweler’s and watchmaker’s, gold and silver buy and sell, old jewelry shops in Cortona

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  • Services and Other businesses

    Service companies: plumbers, electricians, computer assistance, translations and consulting services

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  • Stationer’s and Toy shops

    Stationer’s, bookstores, photocopy, toy and videogame shops, office items and gift items

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  • Tobacconist’s and Betting offices

    Tobacconist’s, policy shops for Italian lotteries, betting offices in Cortona and surroundings

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