Photo galleries of Cortona

Some of the most beautiful photos of Cortona in photo galleries divided by author or subject with pictures of Etruscan, Roman and Modern Cortona. Monuments, views taken from the most suggestive points, landscape details shot by expert photographers or by amateur photographers.

All the pictures on these pages are shown with their author’s consent, they are protected by copyright which exclusively belongs to photographers. Unauthorized appropriation and use are considered as copyright infringement and are punished according to the laws in force.

  • Cortonaweb

    The pictures of Cortona that you find in this gallery have been taken by some members of Tiphys (Alessandro Galaurchi, Simone Rossi and Luca Tiezzi) for the pages named “history” and “tourist guide” of this website. The best photos that have not been used in the other sections have been collected in this photo gallery of Cortona and surroundings. Go to the gallery »

  • Foto Gierre

    With care, expertise and passion, Foto Gierre in Cortona catches and fixes beautiful and unique moments through a wise use of light and shadow. This is the spirit pushing Gerardo Ruggiero to make every photo arouse emotions, by interacting with its observer and coming from a perfect balance between reason and emotion. Go to the gallery »

    Foto Gierre
  • Fotoclub Etruria

    Fotoclub Etruria was founded in 1971 in Camucia and has promoted many exhibitions and reportages on the territory of Cortona, which are presented in many remarkable photo books. Cortonaweb thanks Fotoclub members for their time and helpfulness and invites you to visit their website to see beautiful photo galleries uploaded by the club members. Go to the gallery »

    Fotoclub Etruria
  • Franciscan presence in Cortona

    The year 2011 celebrates the eighth centenary of the arrival of Saint Francis in Cortona, a religious anniversary that is organized by the Franciscan Convents of the region. On this occasion, FotoClub Etruria suggested to give evidence of the current presence of Saint Francis in Cortona through significant images. Go to the gallery »

    Franciscan presence in Cortona
  • Farm Wagon Exhibition

    The Farm Wagon Exhibition is certainly one of the most traditional festivals of Cortona. It was organized for the first time at the end of the 1970s by a group of young people who wanted to rediscover their rural origins. Some photos, which have been taken during different editions, show us a festival that contributes to preserve our rural traditions. Go to the gallery »

    Mostra del Carro Agricolo
  • Tuscan Sun Festival

    For many years now Cortona has been the venue for the famous Tuscan Sun Festival, a season of music, art, literature that brings every summer dozens of International artists to our beautiful town. The photos related to press releases are always impressive. We have thus decided to gather them in a dedicated gallery. Go to the gallery »

    Tuscan Sun Festival