Safe Place

Tuchulcha, Cortona ,

Safe Place

The 14 and 15 august 2012 in Tuchulcha will be held "Safe Place" international contemporary art exhibition project.

A collaboration from artists and designers with performers, writers and musicians where installation art become multi-media fashion performance events and visuals and Dj sets are fused with the essential idea, inspired by the name Safe Place.

The name is inspired through travel through the world to finding a place, real, imaginary or inside ourself and create a interaction, fusion between all the different collaborators and media technicks working with the Safe Place subject, giving individual response and becomes as well part of One.


14 August

15.00 Artists in resistance ( work in progress)
15.30 'Safe Market' (distributing environmental friendly products from artists)
18.00 Collaborating aperitivo & introduction
23.00 Pre-Party with Djs: Alessio Modrian, Marco Ragni, Moodoki, Amplifunk, Ckrono & Slesh, Tommy All

15 August Official opening 12:00

Day time program

+ Safe Market with environmental friendly products
+ Heavenly massage experience
+ light sculptures by Lucid interval
+ installation by Zoe Hamilton-Peters
+ installation by Zusi Rongen
+ architecture by Michal Burek
+ product design by Agnieszka Markiewicz
+ installation by Micaela Bruno

Evening program from 20:00

+ conceptual package of buffet dinner with wine
+ interactive Safe Place Games with gadgets and prices
+ live acts and happenings
+ fashion performance by Salon Open
+ photoshooting by PierNicola Bruno

Night program from 23:00

+ outdoor screenings of more than art
+ Dj's : Amplifunk, Tommy All, Zusi Rongen, JPF, Double Dash, Slesh, Max P, Moodoki, Alessio Modrian

(For the 'Conceptual dinner package' evening program, 15 august 20:00, you need to make a reservation by sending a conformation via email or phone/text at +393343546202 and make a donation of 20 euro. info:

This is a free entry event so feel free to bring all your friends & family!


'Lucid Interval' presents light sculpture installations made out of objects on with he project his visual art rhythmic on sounds and beats. His featuring installation is a abstract translation from the subject witch hi is fusing with the work of Safe Place collaboration artist. In his privies installation work hi use moving by air textual as a dance floor on witch he project images and text. His passion for Vj and Dj and impressive work is to see on
different music festivals and event internationally a side of big DJ names as Robert Hood. (IPM)


Zusi Rongen
She studied art, jewellery and product design in Poland and fine art in Holland. Her works after graduating (2003) have centred on contemporary art installations combine with fashion and product design, performance happenings with an ear for sound and an eye for unified conceptual design.
Recently she start up a organisation call "SAFE PLACE" (London) where she curate international art exhibitions, collaboration projects and happenings. Her fresh release "Music Book" presents a scenario for not yet made movie, biographical lyrics in dialog with photographs and drawings from life travels that influence her art, design and music. She also have her own fashion label "SALON OPEN" witch captures the unique connection between contemporary art, fashion and design in a single experience.
"Imagine clothes as paintings worn on the body, dressing as an everyday performance where the small, transient but unique memory of a moment captured by the designer is brought to life by the wearer. A spiritual process drawn from being in a place at a specific time with the emotional awareness of being part of it"


Zoe Hamilton
Peters present art installation and integrate those in to audio visual work of participating Safe Place artists. Artists and business women for years, lived in Australia for 5, dropped out, returned to London. Live and work in SE London where she have a small business called CraftyBitches.
Hare fashion installations made our of recycling materials are known internationaly.
" My parents attended my school in Harpenden, Herts more than I did, apologising for my behaviour and asking that they allow me back in.
At sixteen I moved to London and spend 9 years working in all sorts of disciplines to feed my hunger for travel. Recycling is my passion."


Agnieszka Markiewicz-Burek
She study Architecture at University of Technology in Cracow (Poland). After hare diploma (2005) she become interested in Interior and product design and started creating products with special attention on recycling process of materials onder hare label 'Taagu'. As mother and animal adoring person she combine hare passion and love and creat enviromen friendly interior solutions.

Michal Burek
He was born 1980 in Cracow where hi finished the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracow Politechnikce (Diploma MSc. Arch 12.2005)
and have been award at the International Triennial of Architecture ( Krakow 2009). Hi did worked as a graphic designer and on this moment as an architect at B2 Studio in Poland. His interest are 3D graphics, architecture and the impact from place on the shaping of the human.