Cortona tourist guide

In this short tourist guide of Cortona you will find some tourist tours, specifically created for visiting the main historical and artistic attractions of Cortona. If you are thinking about spending a lovely week-end in Cortona, here you will find some tours throughout the city center, in the upper part of the hill that is called “poggio”, along the city walls and in the surroundings of the Etruscan city. This guide will lead you to discover the main monuments, churches and squares of one of the most charming cities in Tuscany. These tours are very interesting from the historical and the artistic points of view, some of which can be easily covered on foot even by children, whereas others are more difficult and need to get about by car.

You will find these tours tracked on this Cortona city map that you can download and print free of charge, with all the parking lots and the main attractions clearly highlighted to make your visit easier and more pleasant.

  • Tour in the historical center

    The tour in the historical center of Cortona, highlighted on the map, will make you discover all the main points of historical and artistic interest of the city, such as museums, churches and historical palaces. This itinerary can be easily covered on foot even by children.

    Percorso del centro storico
  • Tour in the “poggio”

    This tourist tour will guide you throughout the upper part of the hills that is called “poggio”. Here we find the most picturesque streets and the most evocative views. This itinerary is quite difficult since there are steep slopes to walk up.

    Percorso in poggio
  • Tour along the city walls

    This tour will bring you to discover the main monuments built outside of the Etruscan city walls. The itinerary is about 8 km long and is suitable for well trained people. It is however possible to reach these attractions by car.

    Percorso lungo le mura
  • Tour in the surroundings of Cortona

    This guided tour will make you go back in time, discovering wonderful Etruscan tombs, Romans villas, Medieval castles and Benedictine abbeys. Because of the distances, you will need to get about by car.

    Percorso nei dintorni di Cortona