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Camucia (AR)

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Living in the historic centre of Cortona is certainly a unique experience, which takes you back in time. However, the narrow medieval streets are not so wide to contain parking lots.

Therefore, in 2010, 90 lock-up garages have been built near the Church of Spirito Santo, at the entrance of the historic centre of Cortona. These big garages have been built in compliance with modern quality standards and are located near the escalator that leads to piazza Garibaldi (also known as Piazza Carbonaia) in a few minutes.

The project has been carried out by C.F.C. Costruzioni S.r.l., a company dealing with construction and remodelling works on buildings for residential use and for industrial or craft activities, which has won a tender called by the Comune di Cortona and is part of a larger group of building contracting companies.

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