Historical Commemoration - Medieval week

Piazza Signorelli ,

Historical Commemoration - Medieval week

9.15 PM - Piazza Signorelli
Historical commemoration of the "Wedding of Francesco Casali and Antonia Salimbeni”
Performance of the Gruppo Sbandieratori e Musici Città di Cortona Entertainment with the “Allegra Brigata” animation team

10.30 PM - "Tratta delle Verrette" 
Draw of the crossbow shooting order of the tournament

The evening before the tournament Piazza Signorelli hosts the evocative historical commemoration of the wedding of Francesco Casali, Lord of Cortona, and Antonia Salimbeni, a noblewoman from Siena, which took place in 1397. The inhabitants dressed up in traditional costumes offer their gifts to the newly married couple to the rhythm of medieval music and with a stunning flagflyers performance at the end of which the judges of the Archidado Joust draw the crossbow shooting order of the tournament.

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The Archidado Joust, officially created in 1397 to celebrate the wedding of the Lord of Cortona and a noble woman from Siena, is a historical event in which the different quarters of the town compete in a crossbow tournament. Costume parades, typical medieval dinners, flagflyers and fire-eaters performances, falconry and magic shows are organized every year to relive the medieval splendor of Cortona.