Medieval evening - Medieval week

Piazza Signorelli,

Medieval evening - Medieval week

From 6 PM to 11 PM - Piazza Signorelli
“Medieval Evening with shows, trades and flavors” with Monaldo Istrio lo Giullaro and the five Quarters of Cortona. The Taverna del Balestriere is open to the public.

During the medieval week the five quarters of Cortona organize each year an entertaining typical medieval evening open to the public to discover old flavors and traditions, to present old trades of our ancestors and interesting ability games and magic shows in order not to forget the historical origins of the town.

The Archidado Joust, officially created in 1397 to celebrate the wedding of the Lord of Cortona and a noble woman from Siena, is a historical event in which the different quarters of the town compete in a crossbow tournament. Costume parades, typical medieval dinners, flagflyers and fire-eaters performances, falconry and magic shows are organized every year to relive the medieval splendor of Cortona.

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